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Is Canada your dream Country? Do you dream of traveling to Canada and getting a very good job? Do you wish to immigrate to Canada with your permanent resident card in your hands right from Nigeria or your country? If you can speak simple English or French. Then congratulations! You are qualified to use our guide/ ebook.

You can apply and be accepted to move to Canada with the programs offered by the Canadian government year in and year out. What I do is to reveal information that only very few people have access to. You get this information very cheap from me and when you implement it you smile all the way to Canada successfully.

It will interest you to know that more than a hundred thousand people migrate to Canada every year through Visa, work permit and so many other programs offered by Canada. Thousands from developing countries worldwide immigrate with their permanent resident card (PR card) right from their country. It is the exact information that they stumbled upon which enabled them to travel legally and live in Canada without fear of deportation that I am going to hand over to you on a platter of gold.

Thousands of people from developing countries that have taken advantage of this information have traveled out successfully and are now living and working in Canada legally.

One of the easiest means of traveling to Canada is to secure employment with a Canadian firm/company.

I can hear you say, “Is this really possible?” Oh! Yes it is possible. Many people have done it and I am sure you too can do it by the time I reveal to you how they did it. What many people don’t know is that there are hundreds of companies in Canada looking desperately for foreigners to employ from outside of Canada. As soon as a company in Canada issues you with a letter of employment, the next step is for you to go to the Canadian embassy and apply for Visa and work permit. The embassy is going to grant your application as long as the company that issued you the letter have done all the necessary things such as conferring with the Human Resources And Skills Development Center (HRSDC) Canada. With a positive labour market assessment  the Canadian embassy/High commission will honor your visa application.

In other words your Visa and work permit will work out! It takes about 3 months to process these documents by the Canadian embassy and afterwards you can travel (in the case of work visa).  You have been certified by the Canadian embassy as traveling to stay/ work and you have a work permit. In some cases some have been lucky to have the company that hired them sponsor their Air ticket.

There are so many other programs you can use to make it to Canada. Getting jobs in Canada is just one out of many ways that we are going to be revealing to you through which you can realize your dream of moving to Canada. There is PROVINCIAL NOMINEE PROGRAM (PNP) and EXPRESS ENTRY PROGRAM, and several other ways that you can make it to Canada. With our guide and what we will reveal to you getting any job of your choice is as simple as ABC.

We will guide you on how you can secure your Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) right from  your country of origin and smile all the way to Canada to go and live and work as one of their citizens. Just like people win visa lottery to America that is how you will leave for Canada too. Mind you Canada immigration program is not a lottery program. It is far better than a lottery program because if you are guided on how to go about it you are guaranteed to make it to Canada easily. Find out more from our blog.

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