Thanks Fidelis. I followed your tips in your book, “HOW TO TRAVEL AND WORK IN CANADA LEGALLY” and I am here. I can’t believe I have finally realized my dream of traveling to abroad. Thanks a lot. It was money well spent.

-Eucharia U.

Hi Fidelis, I want to confess to you. I love the ebook you sold to me, “HOW TO TRAVEL AND WORK IN CANADA LEGALLY” , so much more than the price. The ebook is indeed an eye opener on how to travel to Canada and work. It has helped me to achieve my dream. Thank you so much. 


The information you gave out that I find on the ebook I ordered is worth millions to me. I can’t believe what I’ve got for such a small amount. Thank you very much Fidelis.

 – D.G. Jacobs

I love the information you provided about traveling to Canada which shows that you have really great experience in this regard. This information has been very useful to me. Thanks a lot Fidelis, you have done a great work.

 – Thomas Adison

The first time I wanted to travel to Canada I was confused on whether I could get a job to be able to support my education over there. While scanning through the newspaper one day I saw your advert about traveling and working legally in Canada. I ordered for the digital copy immediately .Fortunately for me that was the best decision I took before leaving for Canada. Guess what? I applied for some part time jobs with the information provided in your guide/ebook and got 4 offers that I decided to choose the best and most convenient since I had to consider my studies too. Thanks for being there.


Your report on how to move to Canada legally enabled me to locate an organization through which I traveled to Canada as a visitor. I have ever since applied for a change of status through the directions and links you gave in your ebook and it was successfully granted after sometime and I am now able to work and live in Canada freely. I remain overly grateful.


Your Digital product on how to travel and work in Canada legally is eye opening. I have never come across an information about traveling to Canada that is so comprehensive and up to date. I want to tell you that your research was well carried out. I used to work in Ghana as a medical doctor, but now live and work in Canada with my family due to the information gotten from your ebook/guide. Please keep up the good work.


I have tried several times to travel outside my country but somehow it did not work out. Later a friend of mine who immigrated to Canada through the direction you gave him in your ebook/guide asked me to contact you for help. With the direction and the links you gave in the guide/ebook I got a wonderful school in Canada and was given a visa and study permit stress free. I didn’t pay any agent for visa and I was very surprised the way everything just happened. I now work and school in Canada.


The first time I visited Canada I was deported after spending 4 months because I ran into serious problems with the immigration authority. Few months after I came back to my country I ran into your advertisement in one of the dailies and decided to order for your package immediately. With the links you gave and other useful information provided in the ebook I started hosting my Resume and was short listed for a job 2 months after I had purchased your ebook.

The firm did all the necessary papers and even contacted the embassy on my behalf. I was issued a visa and a work permit which I later used to travel to Canada successfully. I have lived in Canada since then and have even gotten a higher paying job. I owe it to you and I want to thank you for everything.


I am a computer engineer. I got your e-book on ‘HOW TO TRAVEL AND WORK IN CANADA LEGALLY’ sometime ago. Your e-book was so much detailed in the subject of getting jobs in Canada and even visiting Canada. With the guide e-book I managed to locate an IT firm in Canada that needed workers both within and outside of Canada. With your guide on building resume (c.v.) that is acceptable by foreign companies I re-arranged my resume and e-mailed to them.

Later I just felt that maybe I should send my resume again to their office in Canada since I have their address. Then I kept praying. For two months I didn’t hear from them. When I had just given up hope and started applying to other companies that was when it happened. I got a letter of employment to work in the IT firm and the salary was good. With the documents they sent to me I was able to collect my visa and work permit without any hazzles (though I spent 3 months before I finally traveled).

In fact it was so easy due to the job I secured. I just felt that I should let you know how wonderful and lovely it has been living and working in Canada. It would not have been possible in the first place without your guide e-book. Thank you and remain blessed.  


I am presently running a diploma program in a polytechnique in Canada. What I enjoy most is that I am not dependent on my parents back home for school fees or living expenses. This was made possible because of the job information which was so elaborate in your guide book on traveling to Canada. 


I will say that your guide book is so elaborate on methods of traveling to Canada. It guided me through securing a visiting visa to Canada so easily the first time that I had to go to Canada. I will recommend the e-book any time any day to any body who is damned serious about making it to Canada.


I was a student in Germany and because I’m interested in living and working in Canada I ordered for your package about “LIVE AND WORK IN CANADA” from your website and the digital version was sent to me. The information that is contained in your ebook is a unique and rare info. I filled the relevant forms and submitted with the directions and links you exposed in your ebook.

I received wonderful replies concerning my application for permanent resident visa and I’m glad the way everything went because your ebook showed me all that I needed to do and I was able to achieve my dream and relocated to Canada with my family. Thanks for your effort in putting together such a wonderful ebook. 


Your ebook enabled me to locate a wonderful college in Canada that offered me admission to study my dream course. Not only did your ebook help me locate the school it showed me how to apply for the student visa and study permit so easily without going through an agent. Before I used to think that it is very difficult or complicated securing admission and applying for visa. You ebook “HOW TO TRAVEL AND WORK IN CANADA LEGALLY” simplified everything and helped me secure all my documents. Thanks for the good work Fidelis.


………………..There are so many more



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